Mary Sabotkoski

BFFs: Content designers and engineers. The perfect pairing.

Mary Sabotkoski Content Practice Lead Open Universities Australia

Mary has been designing and implementing solutions across content strategy, experience design, transformation, content engineering, product and innovation in Higher Education for over a decade. She advocates for content as the beating heart of all digital experiences and a vital component for creating meaningful interactions to help customers, inspire trust and grow brand loyalty.

Mary leads the content practice at Open Universities Australia with a focus on strategy and design where she adopts tools and methods borrowed from human-centered design, CX & UX, service design, lean and agile to elevate the role of content as a strategic asset.

BFFs: Content designers and engineers. The perfect pairing.

Content designers are amongst the top 15 fastest growing roles in Australia for 2022. But, they are more than just writers. They're systems thinkers, storytellers and people connectors. Their unique blend of technical and user experience knowledge can take products and projects to the next level.

The relationship between content and engineering goes beyond design: from understanding systems, structures and models of content, to the experimentation, delivery and measurement of it. This session will take you through the hidden talents of a content designer. You may just find the missing piece in your team.

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