Julie Grundy

Making Content Creation Tools Accessible

Julie Grundy Senior Digital Accessibility Consultant Intopia

Julie Grundy is an accessibility expert who works for Intopia, a digital accessibility consultancy. She has over 15 years experience as a front-end web developer in the health and education sectors. She believes in the democratic web and aims to unlock digital worlds for as many people as possible.

Making Content Creation Tools Accessible

Did you know that an Undo button can be an accessibility feature? It is if your product is a content creation tool. Accessibility is as important for your admin and content creation tools as it is for front facing products.

If you've ever wondered what content creation features are useful to people with disabilities, or how you can help your creators to easily make more accessible content, then the ATAG (Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines) standard is what you need. It's a bit different than WCAG in ways that are useful for web apps and software.

Using ATAG as a guide, this talk will walk you through an accessibility features list to help refine your requirements and prioritize your backlog. The right preference settings, keyboard shortcuts and documentation in your app can help everyone build a more accessible web.

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