Himanshu Bharadwaj

Make Joy Your Design's Source Code

Himanshu Bharadwaj VP, Design Centime

Himanshu is a digital nerd with the mind of a Himalayan yogi. His experience spans marketing, brand, and user experience design to make people laugh, cry and reach for their wallets at the same time. Himanshu uses joyful design to inspire teams to create scalable, empathetic products for startups and large enterprises in the US.

Make Joy Your Design's Source Code

Information overload, shrinking attention span, anxiety, stress, disappointment, eyestrain, sleep disorders, depression, fear, social comparison, bullying, loneliness, and addiction are some of the emotions users experience while using technology products. As creators, we are tasked to navigate the tightrope between commerce and culture and create a new product or service under extreme uncertainty and stress. A joyful mindset empowers designers to have rich and fulfilling careers and lives by creating meaningful value for users. Let me show you how.

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