Cristi Middag

From Imposter Life to Imposter Moments: Tips from a Psychologist turned Engineer

Cristi Middag Software Engineer VGW

A Psychologist turned Software Engineer, navigating her way through the world of tech. After a short but intense journey of self-learning, Cristi landed a job as an Associate Engineer at Virtual Gaming Worlds and started passing along her knowledge as mentor at She Codes Australia. 6 months later, she got promoted to Engineer, still battling imposter feelings. Cristi is passionate about helping others get into tech, solving exciting coding problems, and cheese.

From Imposter Life to Imposter Moments: Tips from a Psychologist turned Engineer

Have you ever felt like you don’t actually deserve your success? Like you don’t belong, and everyone is going to discover you’re a fraud? If so, you’re in good company.

A whopping 58% of tech workers report experiencing imposter feelings currently in their career, including employees from Apple, Google, Facebook and Uber. And when I started as a software engineer, I quickly became one of them.

So why do so many of us feel like we’re undeserving of our success? What’s the cause of this industry-wide lack of self-confidence? And what can we do about it? I needed answers. Because as a former-psychologist, I should be able to fix this in no-time, right? (wrong..)

In this talk, join me on my journey of changing careers and navigating through a new industry while feeling like an imposter. Find out why you shouldn’t have to tackle imposter feelings on your own, and get the tools and insights you need to turn an imposter life into imposter moments.

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