Corey Ginnivan

Should Designers ______?

Corey Ginnivan Lead Designer Appbot

Corey is an Aussie Designer who codes.

He enjoys iterative design exploration, problem-solving, community, and collaboration.

He's particularly interested in bridging the gap between design and development. Making design simple and consumable, especially for folks without design backgrounds.

By day, Corey is the Lead Designer at a successful SaaS product company, Appbot. In his spare time, he designs and builds products that help the tech community; WhoCanUse.comand, and creates niche products for developer tooling such as

Should Designers ______?

The never-ending debate is finally done. Designers need to learn how to code. This isn’t just a fun quip, it’s a necessity in an ever-changing career path.

With the popularity of the "Product Designer" role, the expectations, responsibilities, and outputs of all Designers have increased as a result.

So what do we, as Designers, have to know? What do companies value? How do we make ourselves beyond valuable? Do we all have to become unicorns, or can we just wear one hat?

In this talk, you'll gain clarity on understanding shifting roles in the industry, and how to get proactive with professional growth.

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