Anton Ball

Sync to Async - adjusting to the new work style

Anton Ball Full stack team lead Doist

Anton is a Front-End Developer, speaker and community organiser. He is passionate about clean, structured code, web standards, accessibility and optimisation. He prides himself on delivering robust, high quality and beautiful solutions. Anton co-organises Fenders Front-End Developer meetup and DDD Perth. Anton has also volunteered as a mentor introducing others to the world of coding.

Sync to Async - adjusting to the new work style

The change from office work to remote asynchronous work was drastic. Suddenly starting my new job was going from bedroom to home office. I made a lot of mistakes at the start but I learned a lot too.

This talk will help you through the change, even if you’re already in a remote position. We will look at communication, knowledge management, time management, your health and wellbeing, maintaining social relationships and whether hard pants should go. Remote and async work is not going away, let’s make the most of it!

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