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Amanda Mace Vice President AbleDocs

Amanda Mace is AbleDocs' Vice President for Australasia. In this role, she manages the Australasia office while growing and promoting the AbleDocs brand across the region. Amanda is Co-Chair of the Australian Accessibility Web Accessibility Initiative (OZeWAI). She's also one of only two Australian-based W3C evangelists and the W3C Australian Western Region office manager.

When it comes to accessibility, Amanda believes that innovation with accessibility built into it can provide immense opportunities for people with disabilities in security, independence, and privacy. She advocates that it's everyone's job to do their bit to remove barriers so everyone can have equal access and equal opportunity to the digital world.

Amanda is certified by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) as a Certified Professional. Before joining Team AbleDocs, Amanda was the General Manager of Web Key IT. In addition, she co-authored a book chapter for the textbook, "Web Accessibility A Foundation for Research," as well as the white paper entitled, "Digital Accessibility: Perceptions, Expectations and Reality."

Outside of work, Amanda loves to spend time with her husband and three children. She's also an avid reader, history lover, runner, and huge sports fan, especially when it comes to Australian Rules Football.

A11y All the Things

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