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Josh Kinal

Design Ethics: Integrating your values into the things you build

Josh Kinal Lead Consultant, Experience Design ThoughtWorks

How can we be sure that the things we build fit with what we want to put into the world? Ethics is sometimes a tricky subject when put up against profit but design is the culmination of decisions we make when creating. Let's put the two together.

Often the best intentions can have terrible consequences. The worst villains believe they are entirely justified in their actions and are fighting for a greater good. Companies with no intention to be evil release services that unintentionally ruin things for millions of people and can cause ongoing damage years into the future.

This is about how to avoid that.

Josh Kinal

Josh Kinal grew up in Melbourne and has a background in biomedical science, broadcasting and screenwriting in addition to his design work. He created the long-lasting and much missed *Boxcutters* podcast, the first Australian podcast to be invited to perform live at SXSW. One day he learnt CSS and ten years later he became a Lead Experience Designer at ThoughtWorks.

Josh speaks eight languages well enough to order sandwiches in at least four continents.

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