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The Home-cooked Computer Club

Perhaps I’m getting a little too old. A little too like the person you avoid since they are always going on about the “good old days”. When I first started writing software, there was a clear divide-hobbyists, and professionals. Professionals wrote for serious computers (Mainframes and Minicomputers) using series languages like COBOL. Hobbyists were spawned […]

To a man with a hammer…

Give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding You’ve no doubt heard variations on this quote many times. Abraham Maslow, he of the hierarchy of needs, is probably the most well known of those who popularised it: if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like […]

Progressive degradation–this week’s reading from Web Directions

In recent weeks I’ve been preparing videos of talks from our Summit last year for Conffab (the keynotes and several of the tracks are available now, with the rest coming soon). If you didn’t attend, for just $20 a month or $200 a year you can get access to all the videos of all our […]

Some reading for the week of May 20, 2024

This week, with Code coming up next month in Melbourne,  June 20 and 21 (Early Bird pricing ends soon), a roundup of recent development focussed reading. Plus a bonus video or two from recent conferences–read on!  State of HTML 2023 While JavaScript was taking over the web, and CSS was gaining new superpowers year over year, it could […]

Disenshittifying the Web, one piece at a time

Last week I rounded up a number of articles with a similar theme–reweirding the web. Toward the end of that piece I quickly referenced a project I started a few weeks back, Project Disenshittify–catchy name I know (there’s a story there, read on). So, here’s the story of how that came do be, what it’s […]

Reweirding the Web

A dozen years ago (how can it be so long? How can he have been so prescient?) Anil Dash wrote “the Web We Lost“. This isn’t our web today. We’ve lost key features that we used to rely on, and worse, we’ve abandoned core values that used to be fundamental to the web world. To […]

Code 24 spotlight: Less, but better with Ben Buchanan

Most frontend tooling talks seem to focus on adding things to your project. There’s no problem that can’t be solved by adding more bits to your build, right?! But when I looked at our UI library, I realised all those bits *were* the problem. Solutions that had been standard had fallen into disrepair in just […]

Intuitions and AI–some weekend reading for April 26th

A quick note that super early bird pricing for Code our front end developer conference in Melbourne (and online) June 20th and 21st ends next Friday May 3rd. Honing intuitions about things that are novel Brace yourself, today it’s all about AI. I hear the sighs and groans. Like when I was 14 in the […]

Your weekly roundup

This week we launched the full programs for our Code and Code Leaders conferences in Melbourne in June. It’s a really fantastic program if I do say so myself, so hope to see you there (in Melbourne or via the stream). Interview with a Senior JS Developer 2024 The satirical interview series from Programmers are also […]

The Code 24 program in detail

A couple of weeks back we announced the first round of speakers for the 2024 edition of our long running Code conference (Melbourne June 20th and 21st, tickets available now). Today we’re announcing the full program and schedule. Every event we work hard to put together a better program than the last, but this one […]

Web Directions Weekly–the chocolate box edition

No themes this week, in our roundup of some recent things that have crossed our desk. Elsewhere Just a reminder, these and many other ‘elsewheres’ can be found at Conffab.  Dao Day 2024 – a regression in the making It’s twenty four years to the day since A List Part published John Allsopp’s seminal treatise A […]

Code 2024, the coming vibe shift in web development

Today we’re announcing the first round of our speakers for Code in Melbourne in June. This is a detailed post about the thinking that went into our Code conference program–if you just want to see what’s lined up, why not jump straight there? But if you’d like to know why what’s there is there, read on!  The coming vibe […]

The Web Directions lineup in 2024

Well the year is well and truly under way, and we’ve been hard at work programming our conferences for 2024. After some, let’s say bumpy, years, we’re back to a similar schedule as we had before 2020, but with some adjustments as well. The TL;DR; is in 2024 we have 4 events lined up for […]

The end of social media, and naive optimism

Way back in 2008 or 2009 (maybe even earlier) we first started using Twitter in association with our conferences. We’d encourage folks to tweet with associated hashtags, and had big tweet walls, built our own aggregators–and were a globally trending tag a couple of times. Hundreds of people would tweet thousands of times collectively at […]

Years of transformation: 1993 and Mosaic

Mosaic wasn’t the first GUI web browser–the very first browser, Tim Berners-Lee’s NeXT based WorldWideWeb browser (a web based recreation of the UX of which I was involved with at CERN a few years back–you can try that here) was. NeXT, for those under the age of about 50, was the company Steve Jobs founded […]

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Thoroughly enjoyed Web Directions — met some great people, heard some inspiring presenters and added a whole bunch of things to my to-do list.

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