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A 2022 Wrap part 2

Late last year, in the first part of this wrap up of technology in 2022, I looked at the fall of Twitter and rise of Mastodon? This week, to round out 2022 and kick off 2023, let’s focus on a second significant transformation taking place now that it feels will resonate for some time to […]

A 2022 wrap part 1

A dictum of Lenin’s we’ve all probably seen too many times the last few years “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” seems particularly apt for technology in late 2022 for two unrelated reasons, that will likely reverberate for a long time to come. To round out 2022, today […]

The AI Spring

In my teens I read the classics of science fiction copiously–Clarke, Heinlein, Asimov, Le Guin. Among the many tropes (space travel, galactic empires, to a lesser extent time travel) common to those stories was what we now term Artificial Intelligence–though while that term initially applied quite narrowly (more for less things that might pass the […]

Code Leaders ’22 Program

We’ve just announced the full schedule for Code Leaders ’22, and if you’re an engineering leader or manager (experienced or aspiring) then we’d love you to consider attending

Spotlight on Accessibility at Summit ’22

Right from the very beginning, Web Directions conferences have featured any sessions on accessibility. And we’ve even started a whole online conference, AAA, focussed on the topic. So, of course, accessibility features significantly on the Web Directions Summit program, and not just on the developer focussed tracks–after all, accessibility isn’t simply an engineering challenge to […]

A colossal program for Web Directions Summit

The last conference we ran, in early November 2019, is now 1083 days ago. That’s a long time by any measure. When we started planning to return to in-person events, we decided that we wouldn’t do that by half measures. We wanted to make this event Thebes it could possibly be. And a big big […]

What Do You Know, Sydney 22–the Wrap

Last night we held our first in-person event in 1070 days. The elements did not conspire to make it any easier for us–absolutely torrential rain (in the city of Sydney itself nearly 10cm over a 24 hour period) with flooding stopping some trains on the rail network (stranding two of our speakers)–but nevertheless a healthy […]

Our keynote speaker and creative director for Summit ’22, Yiying Lu

🤩 It has been 3 years since the last time I spoke in front of 1000+ live audiences in person at Adobe MAX in 2019. I am excited to be back in my hometown Sydney Australia as the opening keynote speaker for Web Directions Summit, a beloved conference by the Australian Web Community. Since this was also the first […]

lessons on more inclusive conferences

ID24 2022 This is my script for my recent presentation at ID24, the long running accessibility and inclusive design focussed conference. I spoke on some of the lessons we’ve learned over the last 3 years or so developing our online conferences, and how these might also help make our in-person conferences more accessible and inclusive […]

The What Do You Know Sydney ’22 Lineup

What Do You Know, our long running, and long on hiatus, free, fun evening of fast focussed presentations returns October 6th. And we’ve got a great diverse lineup of speakers for you. Each presentation is just 5 minutes, and speakers talk about one thing they know well. We put on some food and a drink […]

Front end engineering at Web Directions Summit

From the very beginning, Web Directions events have at their heart been about developing for the Web. For years before we ran our first conference, that’s what I did–not only building many sites, but writing books, articles, online courses, software for developers–and we’ve continued to focus on the technologies and practices of building great web […]

Our 2022 Summit Keynotes

’ve announced the program for our 6 tracks at Web Directions Summit taking place in Sydney in December (with just a handful of spots just being finalised).

So now it’s time to announce some wonderful keynote speakers.

The countdown has begun–Summit super early bird ends Sept 30th

For our first in-person event in what will be 3 years, we decided early it would have to be our biggest and best event ever. Until super early bird finishes! And now the countdown–3 months to go, and 4 weeks to get the best possible price–has begun. So save the date and start planning your […]

announcing the brand new content strategy and design track at Summit ’22

Announcing the brand new content strategy and design track at Summit ’22 At the heart of just about any interface, of any app or site, is language, or as we typically refer to it ‘content’.  Over the years we’ve had quite a few content focused sessions at our conferences, we’ve long felt it was important […]

Weekly Newsletter–back to the links

This week, back to a tried and true format–some links to recent articles I’ve found valuable that I hope you might too, which cross the topics we cover at our events. How to eliminate render blocking resources Performance has become a core competence of front end developers in recent years. We even started a whole […]

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