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Web Directions aaa ’21 session spotlight–SpeakingNaturally on Dragons and other alternative navigations

SpeakingNaturally on Dragons and other alternative navigations Accessibility talks typically focus on understanding standards and code, but there’s something that’s more important to understand before you even start thinking about WCAG or ARIA. It’s assistive technology.

What types are there and how do they work? We’ll dive into the lesser know alternative navigation tools like Dragon NaturallySpeaking, switch systems and on screen keyboards. Once you know more about assistive technology you can better understand the impact of following or not following WCAG and you can test that your accessible code actually makes sense.

Web Directions aaa ’21 session spotlight–Making Motion Inclusive

Making Motion Inclusive Let’s clear the air about animation and inclusive design. It’s a common misconception that things like inclusive design and accessibility only come at the cost of design details like motion, but that’s just not the case. Whether it’s microinteractions, animated illustrations, or larger animated experiences, a little care and consideration can go a long way towards getting the best of both worlds.

In this session Val will show you how to build animated interactions with inclusivity in mind from the start. We’ll discuss how to apply web accessibility guidelines to modern web animation, when and how to implement reduced motion, and approaches to building up animated interactions for a solid standards base.

Web Directions Code ’21 session spotlight–PWAs & Project Fugu: Closing The Relevance Gap

PWAs & Project Fugu: Closing The Relevance Gap Alex Russell, Partner Program Manager Microsoft Edge Chromium’s Project Fugu is an open collaboration to push the capabilities of the web platform forward through standards. When combined with Progressive Web Apps, we’re approaching a point where whole classes of applications that were previously exclusive to native apps […]

Web Directions Code ’21 session spotlight–Desktop PWAs. About time.

Desktop PWAs. About time. Diego González, Program Manager Microsoft Edge It’s 2021. Long gone are the times where a PWA was only a shortcut in a user’s home screen. PWAs play nicely with desktop environments. It’s about time. The presentation goes through cutting edge features and APIs that allow a PWA to integrate seamlessly with […]

Web Directions Code ’21 session spotlight–How to outsmart time: Building futuristic JavaScript applications using Temporal

How to outsmart time: Building futuristic JavaScript applications using Temporal Ujjwal Sharma, Compilers Hacker Igalia For close to 25 years now, JavaScript developers have suffered at the hands oftime: the Date object. We have tried all sorts of solutions from using popularlibraries like Moment.js all the way to handling dates and times on the backend. […]

Web Directions Code ’21 session spotlight–Practical uses for Web Components

Practical uses for Web Components Ben Taylor, Full-Stack Developer Explosion Web Components can feel like a bad fit for a JavaScript tech stack. If you’ve got a legacy codebase, you might be thinking about switching costs. Or you’re already running a modern stack and don’t see a need for them. But this shouldn’t be an […]

Web Directions Code ’21 session spotlight–The State of PWAs

The State of PWAs Hemanth HM, Member Of Technical Staff PayPal In 2020 PWAs turned 5. So in that milestone year, what’s the reality of PWA developer adoption? Hemanth HM, author of the chapter on PWAs in the most recent Web Almanac, a comprehensive report on the state of the web, backed by real data […]

Web Directions Code ’21 session spotlight–Web app installs: Why, when, how

Penny MchLachlan, Product Manager Chrome Web Platform, Google Developers will learn What does the ‘install capability’ unlock for users What use cases are typically suitable for installed web apps, why & how not to annoy users by forcing them to install When to ask the user to install for common use cases (and when not […]

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