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Todd Libby

Color Contrast and WCAG

Todd Libby Accessibility Analyst Webstaurant Store

A look into color contrast and WCAG. What are the guidelines, how to achieve those guidelines, tools people can use for color contrast checking, and other tips and tricks to help people understand and achieve great color contrast in their projects.

Todd Libby

Todd is a professional web developer, designer, and accessibility advocate for 22 years under many different technologies starting with HTML/CSS, Perl, and PHP, Todd has been an avid learner of web technologies for over 40 years starting with many flavors of BASIC all the way to React/Vue. Todd is also a member of the W3C working with groups on WCAG Silver (3.0). When not coding or advocating accessibility, you'll usually find Todd tweeting about (or eating) lobster rolls and accessibility.

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accessibility engineering for front end developers

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