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Kilian Valkhof

Forced colors explained

Kilian Valkhof Founder Polypane

Forced colors, or Windows high contrast mode (a "misnomer", we'll get to that), is a way for browsers to completely overwrite your websites design with a user specified style. The CSS Media query of the same name can help you adapt, or compensate, for this radical change in your sites design. But what should you adapt to, and how? Join Kilian in this talk to explore the what, why and how of forced colors.

Kilian Valkhof

Kilian Valkhof is the creator of Polypane, the browser for building websites. He wrote his first article on mobile web design all the way back in 2008 (with an exciting look ahead at "media features"!) and hasn't stopped thinking about responsive websites since. Kilian is a solo developer building his and hopefully your dream browser, he writes about the web on kilianvalkhof.com and anywhere else he's allowed to, and is an active open source contributor.

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accessibility engineering for front end developers

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