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Hidde de Vries

More to give than just the div: semantics and how to get them right

Hidde de Vries Accessibility specialist hiddedevries.nl

Shared semantics is the web's killer feature that allows developers create accessible experiences. In this talk, Hidde dives into the meaning of semantics (no pun intended), how it improves your site, specific gotchas and the future.

Hidde de Vries

Hidde (@hdv) is a freelance front-end developer and accessibility specialist, excited about web standards, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and web accessibility. For over 10 years, he worked with organisations like W3C, Mozilla and the Dutch government on fast, scalable and accessible front-end solutions for their end users. As a volunteer, he was previously involved with Fronteers, the professional association and front-end conference in The Netherlands, organising meet-ups, workshops and conferences.

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accessibility engineering for front end developers

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