Sam Hobson & Claire Webber

Sam Hobson & Claire Webber Digital Accessibility Consultants Intopia

Annotating Designs for Accessibility

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Annotating Designs for Accessibility

In UI tools like Figma, digital designers can get stuck in a ‘visual-first’ way of thinking.

Learning how to annotate visual designs for non-visual and other less-apparent considerations is a vital and meaningful skill. Annotations not only help create a more inclusive and accessible end product, but they can help designers think through and critically reflect on accessibility throughout their process.

Claire and Sam will not only introduce designers to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of annotating for accessibility, using their experience as accessibility consultants who’ve worked with all sizes of design team, they’ll take a critical and pragmatic look at how all designers and workflows can accommodate this skill.

Sam Hobson & Claire Webber

Sam is a former Designer, and now Digital Accessibility Consultant at Intopia. He is also a Sessional Academic teaching Design and The Web at Queensland University of Technology.

Claire has been working in the accessibility field for more than 7 years. She is passionate about design, accessibility, and inclusion. Day-to-day, Claire works on web design, training, accessibility auditing and accessible design consultation.

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