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TypeScript Utilities Every Developer Should Know About

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TypeScript Utilities Every Developer Should Know About

Did you know TypeScript could do that?

There are a lot of built-in types in TypeScript that can come in very handy, but surprisingly a lot of developers spend years with the language without knowing them. Quite often these utilities can simplify your code A LOT, so, it really pays off to learn them!


Meligy learned developing with Microsoft .NET in 2002, and started getting paid for it in 2005. Since then, he has worked on a wide range of projects both on the backend and the front end.

Most known for his ng-sydney user group, in addition to his .NET background, Meligy has always been crazy about TypeScript and the sanity it brings to JavaScript, which also allowed him to switch from Angular to React fairly easily, and then to writing Node APIs years later.

Nowadays Meligy acts as a servant leader on a number of projects varying from internal GraphQL tools to external API Management platforms on the Azure and AWS clouds. Some even involve Conversational AI!

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