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Content Strategy as Sensemaking

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Content Strategy as Sensemaking

A human quality that can’t be replaced by AI is sensemaking – our ability to think analytically at the same time as making intuitive leaps.

McGee will explore how useful, purposeful and actionable content strategy requires us to take a step beyond just understanding, to sensemaking. And it’s not just making sense of our content – but of our organisations and our audiences. Giving examples from product content, an informational website, and an SEO focused site, you will learn a clear process for moving from no sense to purposeful content. You'll also get to see tools and processes that you can actually use in your work.

McGee Noble

McGee is a content strategist who started her career with a film, TV and creative writing degree.

After working at the UK’s largest TV listings website as a content creator and reviewer in the 2000s she uncovered a love of content strategy. Since then, she has worked with organisations big and small to help make sense of content, and make content that makes sense.

She loves looking at content as a system, and helping organisations make lasting content change.

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