MC Monsalve & Phil Banks

MC Monsalve & Phil Banks Product Design Team Lead, Design Lead - ABC iview ABC

Design + AI = Good or Bad?

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Design + AI = Good or Bad?

We are currently designing in a time of rapid adoption of ubiquitous features across the digital landscape, specifically the use of AI for personalisation in products.

MC and Phil will be showcasing the principles used in some of the products developed at the ABC, with regards to using AI for personalisation.

The bigger question is: As our worlds are getting busier, are we designing with enough time to understand the consequence?

MC Monsalve & Phil Banks

MC is a highly accomplished design leader with over two decades of experience in technology, design, working across many industries from finance, insurance and now in media.

Currently, MC leads a bunch of exceptional designers at the ABC

Phil is a designer. He likes to consider himself a practical and pragmatic person, that puts user needs above his own design aesthetic.

His process is based on user centred design principles and he gets a kick out of testing, learning and then iterating based on feedback gained from user research. He loves designing with context: meeting with and gaining empathy for people is an important part of the process.

He has worked as a design lead across many projects and enjoy collaborating with teams. Working with and learning from other people with different experiences and skill-sets only makes the end result better and the achievements worthwhile.

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