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Matt Colman Engineering Manager Atlassian

Whose Job is Animation?

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Whose Job is Animation?

Animation often sits in between design and dev.

Sometimes a passionate designer will include animation guides into their Figma designs. If they don't, sometimes a passionate dev will take the initiative and throw in an animation of their own.

Let's talk about how to make animation a first class citizen and include it in your design process.

In this talk Matt cover some animation basics, WHY you should consider animation, examples of EFFECTIVE animations vs DISTRACTING animations, some WARNINGs about animations, the different TYPES of animation and MORE!

Matt Colman

A dad, a drummer and JavaScript lover!

Matt has a background in animation, games dev and frontend web dev. Passionate about all things frontend and even more passionate about working in teams and helping engineers grow. Matt has led teams at Blake, Domain and is now at Atlassian.

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