Mary Sabotkoski

Mary Sabotkoski Senior Content Strategist Canva

Power up Your Content Strategy with Experience Maps

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Power up Your Content Strategy with Experience Maps

Does your organisation understand your customers' end-to-end experience, and is there alignment in that understanding? Are siloed teams, lack of journey understanding, or inconsistencies throughout the experience hindering your content strategy efforts?

Experience maps help align your teams around your customer and create a unified vision, shared framework and consistent language across your organisation. As a tool to power up your content strategy, these maps can serve as a foundation for defining content journeys, building taxonomies, designing consistent messaging, and efficient content operations.

This session will explore the ways experience maps enable this alignment, along with practical tips for creating one in your organisation.

Mary Sabotkoski

Mary is an accomplished content strategist and experience leader with a strong focus on a business strategy, experience design, data and insight, technology platforms and content operations.

For over 15 years, Mary has been designing and implementing solutions for content strategy, strategic design, digital transformation, customer experience, marketing, and innovation across higher education, non-profit, online marketplaces, and digital products.

Mary understands the importance of content strategy in creating memorable experiences that build trust and loyalty, inspire confidence, show empathy and promote brand advocacy. She is currently a content strategist at Canva, helping grow its 135 million users.

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