Mark Boehm

Mark Boehm Head of Design and Strategy Palo IT

The Art of Product Discovery

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The Art of Product Discovery

There has always been tension between Human Centred Design (HCD) and the principles of Agile software development. Yet, the traditional, “Waterfall” approach never truly offered an attractive alternative. In this framework, discovery was considered a phase focused on rigidly defining the end product up-front.

But it can be so much more useful.

It can be iterative, helping teams shape the product as it evolves. It can be inclusive, bringing together diverse perspectives to determine what adds value. And it can finally build a bridge between HCD and Agile development, combining the best aspects of both.

This talk provides practical guidance — with real world examples — on how product teams can effortlessly integrate discovery into the work they do every day. And hopefully make it fun.

Mark Boehm

Mark is a product strategy consultant and design leader at global tech company Palo IT. With a background in psychology and a genuine passion for systems thinking, strategy, innovation, and design, Mark is privileged to work at the intersection of technology and people.

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