Mags Hanley

Mags Hanley Digital Strategy Consultant

Choosing the Right Strategy for Product Growth

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Choosing the Right Strategy for Product Growth

As Product Managers, one of our roles is to grow the customer base of our product, by either developing new features, creating companion products or finding new markets for our existing products.

How do we apply the principles of strategy to grow our products?

This talk discusses the three types of strategy:

- Operational effectiveness

- Doing something radically different to our rivals

- Creating a totally new product for our existing customers or a new market

We will review when to use each approach and what they mean for growth in customers and revenue.

Mags Hanley

Mags Hanley works with digital leaders to turn strategy into action. She also works with design leaders to build their leadership skills and make their practices effective.

She lives in Melbourne Australia - the coffee capital of the world - but prefers tea! She has lived across the world in the US and UK working in organisations as diverse as Argus Associates, the BBC and JB Hi-Fi.

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