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Pursuing Design Quality

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Pursuing Design Quality

Design quality is essential to creating an excellent product user experience.

It can be difficult to agree on what design quality means and how to achieve it, but with a design quality criteria in place, we can hold ourselves accountable and strive for excellence.

In this session, Jina will share why it’s important to create a design quality criteria and give an example from their recent work. They’ll also share some insights into creating one so you can use this in your own organization!

Jina Anne

Jina (they/she) is a design systems advocate. They founded Clarity, a design systems community conference, and they maintain the Design Systems Slack. Jina co-chairs the Design Tokens Community Group. And on the Sass core team, they lead the brand and website design and development. Jina is also recognized as a Google Developers Expert (in Web Technologies [UI and Tooling]).

Jina has been making websites as a hobby for about 30 years. They’ve worked professionally in the industry for 22 years (19 of those years working with design systems).

They have been said to be one of the most cheerful goths.

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