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James Sinclair Senior Developer Atlassian

Why Would Anyone Need JavaScript Generators?

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Why Would Anyone Need JavaScript Generators?

You can go a long time as a JavaScript developer without ever feeling the need for generators.

So it’s natural to wonder: What are they good for? Why would you ever need one? What’s the point?

But generators can do some neat tricks. And they may even change the way you approach certain problems.

James Sinclair

James works for Atlassian and is the author of “A Skeptic’s Guide to Functional Programming with JavaScript.” As you might imagine, he’s passionate about functional programming, and using it to write better code—in whatever language you happen to be writing.

Over the years, he’s worked on web projects for Ford Motor Company, Bendigo Bank, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Monash University, and the Prime Minister of Australia. Somewhere along the way, he picked up a PhD in Information Architecture but decided building stuff on the web was more fun than academia.

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