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Best Practice AI Explainability for Content Strategists

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Best Practice AI Explainability for Content Strategists

AI-powered systems were previously the domain of developers and product makers. Now, generative tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney are accessible to anyone, opening up questions around algorithmic transparency for a new cohort of service providers, knowledge workers and content creators.

As content strategists, designers and researchers, there is a growing need for us to better understand the ethical implications of using these technologies – from how we work, to what we disclose, to questions around handling confidential information and intellectual property ownership.

In this session, we will take a closer look at AI explainability and why we, as content strategists and designers, need to know about it. How well do we need to understand AI-powered tools – and should this influence how we use them? How can we communicate to clients how we are using these tools in a way that is transparent, responsible and ethical? And are there ways we can educate clients so they understand these implications for their own work? How does existing guidance, such as Meta’s AI Explainability Framework, translate for content creators, consultants and service providers? Attendees will leave the session with a deeper understanding of AI explainability, with new ways of thinking about how it can influence and elevate their practice, and a better idea of how to create guardrails for using these tools.

Emily Meller & Aden Rolfe

Emily is a content strategist with a background in creative writing and legal practice. She uses this combination of creative and analytical skills to help create content that tells a story, and strategy which helps people interact and communicate better with each other. She has worked on internal communications strategy for companies like Anglicare, brand activations and social media plans, and has helped create communications plans for complex civil engineering projects.

Aden is a content strategist who draws on a background in copywriting and technical writing to lead teams across a range of sectors, including infrastructure and the built environment, technology and healthcare.

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