David O'Reilly

David O'Reilly Lifecycle Marketing Manager Microsoft

How Gamers Have Turned the Tables on Brand Trust

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How Gamers Have Turned the Tables on Brand Trust

In 2022, the video game market was estimated to be valued between $175-335 billion dollars. Even without a precise figure, it remains the most valuable entertainment category globally. Naturally, non-endemic brands want in, but to date, few have been allowed to play. Just slapping a logo on an esports jersey is for n00bs.

Building upon the lessons we can learn from gaming, one of this generation's most profitable markets right now, let's have a frank discussion about how brands can build trust with their community, examine why 'out of the box thinking' is essential, and take a look at examples of those who have been allowed to sit at the table, such as DHL, Monster Energy, and others.

David O'Reilly

David O’Reilly is the true definition of a generalist, and he owns it. His journey began as a qualified scientist researching drugs for the elderly, and it has led him to his current role in marketing for Microsoft on their Clipchamp video editor. However, there has always been a common thread of creating content, distilling content, or marketing content creation.

He is an expert at quickly absorbing technical topics and translating them for any audience, often referring to himself as a roaming teacher. He has mentored ‘future thinkers’ through ABCN, once held the position of a kindergarten Vice President, and has a heart for the next generation.

Outside of work, you’ll find him creating content, discussing exercise and supplements, or talking to random people because he believes everyone has a story to tell.

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