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Bri Norton & Irith Williams - Australian Web Accessibility Initiative

Five Fundamental Principles of Inclusive Research

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Five Fundamental Principles of Inclusive Research

Learn the principles that will shape your ‘disability confidence’ and ‘disability competence’ for the rest of your life and equip you for co-design practice with anyone from a variety of diverse backgrounds or environments.

As designers, researchers or developers we are surrounded by advice to include people with disabilities and other under-represented people in our discovery, design and development processes. This can seem overwhelming with risks and complexities.

These principles provide a way to answer or provide practical advice for difficult questions, such as how do we approach people with disability, what to say and do, what to do if we say or do something wrong.

Interwoven together, the principles provide a fundamental and universal framework to make sense of all the information and advice we come across. You can use the principles to: evaluate the advice you’re given, identify gaps in advice or your current protocols, plan a strategy to address short, medium and long term goals to improve Inclusive practices and start to equip yourself to be ‘Inclusion confident’ and ‘Inclusion competent’ for the rest of your life.

Bri Norton & Irith Williams

Bri is a Digital Strategist, UX and Accessibility Specialist based in Canberra and has previously been an Accessibility Lead for Australian Federal and State Governments.

She co-developed the Inclusive Research workshops to share how to include accessibility earlier in the project lifecycle, which includes engaging with people with disability as part of inclusive research activities.

Bri is the co-chair for OZeWAI, Australia’s Web Accessibility Initiative, a Standards Australian Accessible ICT Procurement Committee Member and a member of the ResearchOps.Community Cheese Board.

Irith draws on 10 years of strategy, research and product design experience in domains as diverse as healthcare, legal operations, higher education and maritime safety. She now focusses on Design Justice and working for the equitable inclusion of people with a disability in the innovation of services and products.

Irith has lived experience as a person with a chronic condition and invisible disability.

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