Beatrix Holland

Beatrix Holland Content Design Manager Indeed

Building Community in a Content Team

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Building Community in a Content Team

As content design has matured, we've moved beyond 'you're lucky to have a content designer', to a very real need to foster culture within content teams.

During content design interviews, the number one question is always, 'what's the culture like?' Hiring is competitive, and culture is Queen.

Beatrix currently manages a dispersed and async team, working on a diverse product suite. But we have shared values, fun meetings and unlock business value through information flow between product areas. But creating this situation takes shared ownership, intentional activity and constant evaluation. She'll share processes and frameworks that can help you create a community-forward team of content designers, who will help spread their ways of working out to other teams.

Beatrix Holland

I’m a Content Design Manager who looks after a distributed team of content designers at Indeed. My team spans three countries, lots of timezones and works on creating content-rich experiences to help people find jobs.

Originally from Aotearoa/ New Zealand, I came to Japan via Melbourne where I worked for companies including Australia Post, Telstra, Medibank and Open Universities Australia. I’ve now lived in Tokyo for four years, where I delight in food, sake and mixed-use zoning.

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