Tori Sanderson

Tori Sanderson General Manager of Product, Content and Experience Design Pragma Partners

Content Strategy is Dead, Long Live Content Strategy

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Content Strategy is Dead, Long Live Content Strategy

Your stakeholders want to improve content quality, accuracy and accessibility, so they call on you to develop a (perhaps revised) content strategy, one that will solve these problems of a bloated product, inaccurate or out of date information, and confusing services.

But… can a content strategy actually do this?

Today, I present a bold argument: content strategy, as conventionally understood, falls short in actually improving products and services.

Instead, I show that the key to improved content lies solely in addressing content operations and governance, specifically by answering the crucial (and possibly a bit unsexy) question:

… who owns this content and what do they do with it?

Learn steps and tactics to understanding content operations, and how to solve some common operations problems, so that content owners can improve their own content.

Tori will share real-world examples that showcase the transformative power of effective content governance. These examples and tactics include a global content operations project at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, large scale content management for key government services, rapid multilingual publishing in the COVID19 crisis, and more.

Tori Sanderson

Tori has 15 years experience in designing and delivering content-heavy digital services. She has worked across private, public and NFP sectors, in everything from banking, to aged care, to international aid and development, and federal government.

Tori and her team at Pragma Partners have designed and delivered some of government’s biggest digital products, including flagship health care, COVID, cyber security and climate change services.

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