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How to Develop and Use a Customer Journey Framework

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How to Develop and Use a Customer Journey Framework

Customer-centricity is crucial for success in today's highly competitive world. To achieve this, companies need to develop a deep understanding of the customer journey.

This talk will explore the concept of a Customer Journey Framework, a tool that systematically describes customers' end-to-end experiences, including touchpoints, interactions, metrics, and emotions. By involving all stakeholders and data sources, companies can effectively implement this framework and improve their customer experience.

Attendees will gain a clear understanding of the Customer Journey Framework and its importance in any Product and CX strategy. They will also receive actionable insights on how to drive innovation and improve customer-centricity.

Stefan Schroeder

Stefan Schroeder is a Strategy & Design Leader with over 15 years of experience in human-centred design, agile methodologies, and CX strategy & innovation.

With expertise in team building, coaching, service & experience design, research, stakeholder and project management, workshop facilitation, and storytelling, Stefan has transformed organizations and delivered connected experiences across Europe and Australia.

He is passionate about collaboration, tools, frameworks, constant learning and improvement. In his free time, Stefan enjoys running, travelling for food, and spending quality time with his wife and their Dachshund, Whiskey.

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