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Richard Zhang Sales Engineer Vercel

React Server Components in Next.js

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React Server Components in Next.js

If you’ve been following the React Ecosystem and watching where full-stack frameworks like Next.js are headed, React Server Components are one of the most talked-about developments. They're generating a lot of excitement among developers, and are poised to change the way we build web apps.

Ultimately, React Server Components aim to improve your overall web app performance by moving the work of rendering to the server. In this talk, we'll explore what React Server Components are, how they differ from traditional server-side rendering (SSR), and how you can start using them in Next.js to improve the end-user experience.

Richard Zhang

Richard is a seasoned professional in the tech industry currently working as a Sales Engineer at Vercel. This role allows him to blend his technical expertise and business acumen to provide tailored solutions that boost developer productivity and website performance.

Before Vercel, he was a Fullstack Engineer at RangeMe and a Frontend Engineer at Mathspace, enhancing user-facing web applications and transforming user data into actionable insights. His career journey is quite diverse, covering areas from data analysis to business development, always with a focus on strategies that drive positive business outcomes.

Above all, he's a problem solver with a keen interest in understanding user motivations and behaviours, who takes great satisfaction in transforming ideas into solutions that just make sense.

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