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Quynh-Chi Nguyen Staff Software Engineer Stile Education

Fantastic Load-Time Savings and Where to Find Them

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Fantastic Load-Time Savings and Where to Find Them

QC," the CEO said, "I want the web-client to load 10 times faster."

We often take speedy internet for granted, but everyone's happier when they have to download less stuff - it's faster for customers, less load for platform to maintain, easier to sell, and lighter on bandwidth budgets!

In this talk, QC will go over tools and techniques that will help you drastically reduce load time, halve download size, considerably cut cache churn, and more - plus easy ways to monitor changes and prevent ourselves falling back into the same traps.

Quynh-Chi Nguyen

QC escaped a life in retail so she'd never have to talk to a bunch of people she didn't know again. Now she spends her time solving whatever problems need to be solved, whether in product or infrastructure.

She likes Vim, buying board games she'll never have time to play, and rabbits.

She breaks things a lot. Occasionally she fixes them.

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