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CSS Between the Pages

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CSS Between the Pages

We have been able to animate and transition on the web for a while, but the experience has been limited to within single pages. Successfully animating between large state changes has traditionally been hard and transitioning across full page loads is left up to the browser.

The View Transitions API aims to change that by making it easy to transition anything from elements to entire pages across navigations with just CSS and the occasional sprinkle of JavaScript. We'll take a look at how this works, see some examples, and consider the future of single and multi page applications.

Get ready to transition from boring page loads and jumpy state changes to a smooth ride into the future.

Phil Nash

Phil is a developer advocate for Sonar and Google Developer Expert. He loves working with Ruby or JavaScript to build web applications and tools to help developers. He once helped build a website that captured the world's favourite sandwich fillings. He has too many GitHub repositories.

Away from the keyboard, Phil listens to ska punk, hangs out with his miniature dachshund (also called Ruby), and is on a mission to discover the world's best beers.

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