Peter Ikladious

Peter Ikladious Co-founder Unlocking Growth

Achieve Growth with a Product and Sales Led GTM

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Achieve Growth with a Product and Sales Led GTM

The last 10 years has seen the rise of the Product Led Growth model.

While quite successful in SaaS companies, this has disguised the fact that sales are still a necessary element of their Go-To-Market. In fact, 94% of all Product Led Growth companies engage a sales company.

But how do you integrate the right elements of a Product-Led and Sales-Led approach to create a cohesive Go-To-Market approach for your product?

In this session, we'll examine why this hybrid model is critically necessary to all types of companies and how to implement it.

Peter Ikladious

Peter Ikladious is one of the co-founders at Unlocking Growth, a growth consultancy helping start-ups through to established companies drive growth through Product-Led concepts. Based now in Sydney, he has previously worked in New York, Boston, Malaysia and Belgium. Prior to co-founding Unlocking Growth, he held executive positions leading Marketing at SafetyCulture and building out growth at IBM, where he drove a PLG agenda across 350 SaaS, software and hardware products. His earlier career in media, telco and software development has also informed the cross-disciplinary approach he takes to Growth, whether he's helping product teams, marketing teams, sales teams or customer success.

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