Peter Ikladious

Grow Any Product 400% with Product-Led

Peter Ikladious Principal and Co-founder Unlocking Growth

Peter Ikladious is one of the co-founders at Unlocking Growth, a growth consultancy helping start-ups through to established companies drive growth through Product-Led concepts. Based now in Sydney, he has previously worked in New York, Boston, Malaysia and Belgium. Prior to co-founding Unlocking Growth, he held executive positions leading Marketing at SafetyCulture and building out growth at IBM, where he drove a PLG agenda across 350 SaaS, software and hardware products. His earlier career in media, telco and software development has also informed the cross-disciplinary approach he takes to Growth, whether he's helping product teams, marketing teams, sales teams or customer success.

Grow Any Product 400% with Product-Led

The concept of "Product-Led" has been a key driver for many SaaS products' success. However, we've found while many product companies want to do "PLG", they don't know how to. Additionally, most companies think it just applies to "free trial" SaaS products. We'll dispel those myths and walk you through how to start the journey of PLG, or if you're already on the journey, how to get more sophisticated and drive even more value. Join us as we talk through frameworks, practical applications and real-life examples of how Product-Led has taken on hardware products, services industries and yes, even SaaS products.

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