Natalie Ferguson

Natalie Ferguson Co-Founder Powrsuit

Radical Collaboration: How to Supercharge What Your Team can Achieve

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Radical Collaboration: How to Supercharge What Your Team can Achieve

How do you change the behaviour of almost 200,000 people in under 4 years?

Radical collaboration.

We are responsible for creating products that change people’s lives, and that means challenging ourselves to think and work differently.

Learn five key ingredients that will transform your product team into an unbeatable force for impact from someone who has been there, done that.

Natalie Ferguson

Nat caught the entrepreneurial bug at university, and at 19, she embarked on her first venture.

With two decades of experience under her belt, Nat has navigated almost every high and low of entrepreneurship, from successful exits to painful failures and everything in between.

In 2019, she co-founded Hatch and grew a thriving investing platform with nearly 200,000 customers. Now, she’s immersed in launching Powrsuit, a leadership platform for women.

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