Matt Colman

A tale of the flip floppers. From engineer to manager and back again.

Matt Colman Engineering Manager Atlassian

A dad, a drummer and JavaScript lover! Matt has a background in animation, games dev and frontend web dev. Passionate about all things frontend. Super passionate about working in teams and helping engineers grow. Matt has lead teams at Blake, Domain and now currently at Atlassian.

A tale of the flip floppers. From engineer to manager and back again.

I've flip flopped between engineer and manager three times already. I'm quite aware that this is not an unusual thing to do. There's a heap of flip floppers out there! At Atlassian I'm in a new managers group. Interestingly there are many managers in the group that have previously been managers but joined Atlassian as an engineer. So what's wrong with us? Why do we keep changing our role? Is it boredom? Are we crazy? I think there's actually method to the madness. Each time we make a change it's intentional and there's a purpose, and whilst some say it can hurt your career, I'd like to take you on a journey to explore why flip floppers are a very valuable breed!

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