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Mark Pesce Broadcaster and Futurist

Mark Pesce co-invented the technology for 3D on the Web - laying the foundations for the metaverse - has written eight books, including Augmented Reality: Unboxing Tech’s Next Big Thing, was for seven years a judge on the ABC's The New Inventors, founded postgraduate programs at the University of Southern California and the Australian Film Television and Radio School, holds an honorary appointment at Sydney University, is a multiple-award-winning columnist for The Register, pens another column for COSMOS Weekly, and is professional futurist and public speaker.

Pesce hosts both the award-winning 'The Next Billion Seconds' and 'This Week in Startups Australia’ podcasts, and, with VRML co-inventor Tony Parisi, recently released the highly-praised series “A Brief History of the Metaverse”. Pesce brings his skills as a futurist and bridge-builder to global organisations such as the G20 and World Bank, while mentoring startups working at technology’s bleeding edge.


The rise and rise of a new class “generative AI” applications perform an astonishing array of tasks: writing press releases and blocks of code, crafting commercial-quality art, simulations of lifelike animations of the human form, even spinning out works of cinema - all from a text prompt. Generative AI raises ethical, legal and technical questions about both ownership and the role of human creativity in the mid 21st century. Will these tools serve us - or replace us?

Join Mark Pesce in a freeform and interactive conversation with domain experts in art, intellectual property, economics and artificial intelligence, to learn from them how they see our generative future. Bring your hardest questions, and your thorniest dilemmas. We may not solve them - but we’ll get to think them through together.

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