Jo Minney

Information Architecture: More than just a navigation menu

Jo Minney Co-founder & Principal House Digital

Jo Minney is a small business founder and web developer based (for now) in Perth, Western Australia. She is passionate about UX, data-driven decision making, cats and travel – not necessarily in that order. She’s also an avid maker, from 3D printing to sewing to woodworking, and loves combining technology and creativity to make cool stuff.

Jo can regularly be found with a microphone in hand speaking about WordPress, accessibility, user experience, imposter syndrome, and pockets.

Information Architecture: More than just a navigation menu

Information Architecture' is *not the same* as navigation design. There - I said it. More specifically, navigation design is where UI and IA overlap - and is just the tip of a very important iceberg. Whether you're working on intranets, applications or websites, we'll talk about some of the things you might not be thinking about (but probably should), and some tools and techniques you can use to nail the information architecture of your next project, even if you don't have the budget to hire a dedicated Information Architect.

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