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Exploring the Event Loop

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Exploring the Event Loop

It feels parallel, but is actually sequential.

There's a common misconception that multiple things are happening simultaneously in JavaScript when you're learning it for the first time.

This talk aims to correct that misconception by exploring what parallelism really means, and shedding light on JavaScript being a concurrent language that only ever handles events sequentially. The mechanism that it uses to do this efficiently is the event loop, which I will explain with a cute simulation of my cat!

Ikram Saedi

I am a full stack web developer who currently is working in EdTech, while also undertaking a major of Computing and Software Systems at The University of Melbourne.

I am most familiar with TypeScript and React, and also have experience with Ruby. In my free time, my favourite pastime is hanging out with my shy cat named Loaf, and making GitHub repositories revolving around him!

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