Chris Stonestreet

Chris Stonestreet Product Manager, Design System REA Group

Measuring the Value of REA's Design System

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Measuring the Value of REA's Design System

Thanks to the power of a progressive metrics approach, REA have recently hit a milestone of saving 300,000 hours of product design and development time via their design system, Construct Kit. It’s a really substantial return on investment for the business and a pivotal point in their four-year journey of building a next-generation design system.

Chris Stonestreet

Chris is a designer at heart with a product mindset.

Passionate about problem-solving for end-users using human-centered design practices, and fostering collaboration, whilst unleashing the potential of talented teams, he is currently, the product manager for REA's renowned design system, Construct Kit, used across multiple REA brands.

Formerly, he was the User Experience and Optimization manager at nib, scaling the design culture and headcount across the Australian Residence and International health insurance business lines.

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