Carl Rigoni

Carl Rigoni CEO and Founder sixsix

The Product Manager's Guide to Navigating Corporate Politics

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The Product Manager's Guide to Navigating Corporate Politics

Corporate politics can sometimes feel like a treacherous battleground, where alliances shift, power struggles ensue, and maneuvering becomes the norm.

It's a realm not too dissimilar from the world of Westeros depicted in the TV series "Game of Thrones."

Avoid a "Red Wedding" end to your career by following Carl's Guide.

Carl Rigoni

I am a passionate senior Executive with extensive experience in product management & product delivery, gained by working with some of Australia’s most iconic brands over the past 27 years including Telstra, Sensis, News Corp, Australia Post, Woodside, Football Australia, Shell and Prudential to name a few.

Most of my work has been in driving a digital transformation agenda and helping large organisations either migrate revenue from physical to digital channels, or identifying new digital revenue opportunities and bringing these concepts to market using best practice techniques such as Human Centred Design and lean product development

Having had extensive practical experience in driving Product Management frameworks within large corporations I have now established a consulting practice that focuses on assisting companies and Government organisations with designing, building & launching digital products. This also includes a large focus on how to successfully build and implement Agile and design ways of working in large corporate environments from a cultural and technical perspective, with the implementation spanning across all disciplines and departments.

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