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It is WWW (Is it though?)

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It is WWW (Is it though?)

Web performance plays a crucial role in ensuring inclusivity for all users, including those with degraded internet connection and low-end devices. The revolutionary impact of JavaScript on web development is undeniable, but its usage demands careful consideration due to potential challenges it can pose to web performance. 

In this talk, we will discuss why Javascript can be a bottleneck when it is not used mindfully and how it can impact web performance adversely. We will also look into the strategies to mitigate these performance issues. Let's look at web performance through an accessibility lenses and discuss practices to make the Web truly World Wide.

Armağan Ersöz

Armağan is a software engineer currently part of the team building Primer, GitHub's design system. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion and this passion is well reflected in her professional life as her main motivation in working in tech is creating inclusive, accessible, and ethical software. She is also an organiser of Muses Code JS Brisbane which runs coding workshops and meetups  for women and non-binary folks. 

When she is not geeking about design systems and tech, you can find her camping with her partner and dog, or reading some random contemporary fiction novels.

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