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Kim Maida

The Art of Authentication & Authorization

Kim Maida VP of Developer Relations Ionic

Authentication and authorization are daunting topics for many developers. Open standards for auth are well defined, but challenging to understand; OAuth, OIDC, JWT, IETF, PKCE?! I'll demystify the specs and concepts step-by-step, giving you the knowledge you need to tackle auth in your front-end apps.

Kim Maida

Kim is the VP of Developer Relations at Ionic, an Auth0 Ambassador, Google Developer Expert in Security & Identity, and Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies. She's passionate about making the web a better place, constant learning, and developer communities. As a developer relations leader, engineer, and international speaker, she loves learning from and sharing with other inhabitants of the tech space. She also enjoys mentoring engineers who are interested in leadership and building/automating tools to make developers' lives easier at work.

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