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Diego González

Desktop PWAs. About time.

Diego González Program Manager Microsoft Edge

It’s 2021. Long gone are the times where a PWA was only a shortcut in a user’s home screen. PWAs play nicely with desktop environments. It’s about time. The presentation goes through cutting edge features and APIs that allow a PWA to integrate seamlessly with a desktop OS. To demo this, we go through a purpose built PWA that utilizes existing and experimental features that can provide a delightful UX, all powered by the web platform.

Diego González

Born in Costa Rica, did part of his school in Canada. Graduated as a computer engineer. Finished a master degree in information systems. Did multimedia studies in Spain. Eventually finished a PhD in informatics researching 3D UIs. 3D UIs led to VR. VR led to Samsung. Samsung led to web. Web led to Dev Rel. Dev Rel led to PM.

Currently a PM for PWA platform features on the Microsoft Edge team. Also learning about standards. Fan of kittens, puppies and gadgets throughout.

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