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Adem Cifcioglu

Accessibility APIs: Where the magic happens!

Adem Cifcioglu Co-Founder & Director of Accessible Technologies Intopia

Are you coding for accessibility? Have you ever wondered how the accessibility information of the elements you've used and components you're building is exposed to assistive technologies, or why every accessibility person ever says: “Use native elements!”?

With this talk I aim to fill in the blanks by discussing how the Accessibility APIs work together with HTML elements, WAI ARIA and the Accessibility Tree to make the magic happen by extracting accessibility information from web interfaces and presenting it to assistive technologies.

Adem Cifcioglu

Adem Cifcioglu is an experienced digital accessibility consultant and web developer based in Melbourne, Australia. Adem has over 12 years of hands-on, professional experience working on the web, and has worked with accessibility in all its forms. From defining strategy and embedding accessibility into organisational culture, to technical accessibility, training and usability testing, Adem has done it all.

Adem also established and led the National Australia Bank (NAB)’s digital accessibility team.

In 2016 Adem co-founded Intopia, a digital accessibility consultancy, with the aim of creating an inclusive digital world by assisting organisations to embed accessibility throughout all stages of product development.

When he’s not helping people make things accessible, Adem is an avid football fan (round ball and AFL), supporting Galatasaray in the Turkish Super League and Collingwood FC in the AFL.

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