Inga Pflaumer

Inga Pflaumer Yes. Engineering Manager ¸Immutable

Navigating Technological Pivots: A Guide to Team Buy-In and Sustained Motivation

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Navigating Technological Pivots: A Guide to Team Buy-In and Sustained Motivation

In the fast-paced world of technology, the only constant is change. Making the right technological choices can make or break a project, but what happens when the initial decisions need to be reconsidered? This talk aims to delve into the challenges and opportunities that engineering teams face when pivoting their technological foundations.

Drawing on real-world experience, including recent significant shifts in our own team's technology stack, this presentation will provide actionable insights into Identifying the Need to Pivot, Securing Team Buy-In and Maintaining Morale During Transitions.

By the end of this talk, attendees will walk away with a roadmap for successfully navigating technological pivots, ensuring not only project continuity but also team well-being.

Inga Pflaumer

Inga Pflaumer - Indie game developer, engineer and dog lover. Leader with a passion for bringing more women into tech space. Finalist of YOW! Women in Tech Competition 2017. Rollups platform Engineering Manager at Immutable - Web3 gaming company building blockchain protocols for game Web3 integration.

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