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If you lead engineering teams and cultures, or aspire to, this is the event for you.

Much more than a day of talks

A unique day not just of lessons, but connections.

Much more than just a day full of talks, you learn from and teach your peers.

Put your own oxygen mask on first

You inspire and lead others, but who helps you develop your own capabilities? Join a ready-made network of your peers, and be inspired and educated by others who do what you do.

Session 1: Stepping Up

We begin the day with a focus on leadership–formal and informal–and stepping up, into a bigger role or into the spaces that need filling.

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher Co-Founder; CTO LoyPal

Follow me, I know what I'm doing... I think

You lead a team. In your business, you're an acknowledged expert in your domain. You're kicking goals. You've got this.

Yesterday, the leader of your wider function left. Today it's your job to step into their role. Overnight, your team quadrupled in size. You have direct reports who have direct reports who have direct reports. You've gone from being a practice manager to an enterprise leader and people across the business are now expecting you to have the answers. Oh, and you're now responsible for 10% of the company's sales. At the team all hands meeting, everyone's looking at you, expecting something profound to come out of your mouth. Are you ready?

I wasn't. I wasn't even close - even with over a decade of practice leadership experience. My goal in this talk is to start getting you ready for the biggest career step you're ever likely to take - moving from expertise leader to general management.

Benjamin Wirtz

Benjamin Wirtz Managing Director Scalable Leaders

Why the jump into Leadership is extra hard for people in Tech – and what to do about it

If you're a manager in Product, Design or Engineering, you need to be a Leader. But why do so many Leaders end up firefighting and stressed out? What makes Leading Teams in Tech harder than other areas of a business, and how can you set yourself up to succeed (or at least survive)? It's all about asking yourself 3 simple questions – join us to find out.

Tanya Pelly

Craig Penfold with Andrew Fisher and Benjamin Wirtz

In conversation

Session 2: Growing your team

Growth can mean numbers, but it can also mean capability. In this session we think about both aspects of growth–how to better select the right people for your team, and how to grow their capabilities and the team's culture.

Ted Tencza

Ted Tencza Founder Code Purple Consulting

Technical Interviewing - surely we can do better

A lot of people have known for a lot of years that the technical interview process has many, many flaws. From pseudo-code white boarding to writing complex algorithms, to multi-day take home tests, bad practices still abound. Additionally many interviewers suffer from lack of focused training (the belief that once you have 5 years coding experience you are a skilled interviewer), gatekeeping, and the belief that the interviewer should be the interrogator.

This talk will cover some better ways to set up the interview process (and culture) for technical hires. They include:

What should be avoided

How to set up a interview training program

What types and how many interviews should your process contain.

Understanding candidate care and the philosophy that interviewing is a two way street.

How to evaluate your companies interviewers and how you can make them better

Georgina Robilliard & Stefan Bramble

Georgina Robilliard & Stefan Bramble Co-founders Playgrounded

What I learned from a clown about growing an effective engineering culture

Culture is complex. Startups grow. So how do we build an effective organisation that gets shit done, and the people doing the work love what they do and where they work. We know a secret! It came from a clown, and is backed up by the science. It’s a word we have lost the true meaning of.. it’s play. Come and listen to how a head of people and a clown helped co-create a company culture grounded in play that navigated the waters of remote working, global expansion and high growth… while the world was going through some things. This talk is going to be weird, fun and above all super useful.

Gretchen Scott

Georgina Robilliard & Stefan Bramble, and Ted Tencza with Gretchen Scott

In conversation

Session 3: Tactics and Strategy

Talk about Leadership can be very vague and aspirational at times. In this session we'll delve into the concrete, looking at tools and techniques and very practical examples to help you build your leadership systems, and successfully navigate technological change.

Rick Giner & Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy & Rick Giner Founder of Tech Leaders Launchpad & Managing Director of Everest Engineering

Translating Tech Tactics to Leadership

Leadership is hard but we have an established set of tools and techniques for building software systems that we can use to build our leadership systems.

In this collaborative talk, presenters Rick and Andrew share their stories about how they took advantage of the untapped potential of applying software engineering practices to engineering leadership. Plenty of stories, hypotheses and learnt lessons are shared along the way!

We start with the concept of "Pairing beyond Programming," where we discuss using pair programming techniques to achieve robust, meaningful outcomes in leadership. We discovered that this technique helped us achieve better quality work, improved efficiency, more accountability and quicker learning.

The conversation then shifts to "Test-Driven Development (TDD) for Leadership," breaking down its core principles and showing how they can be adapted to create a more effective leadership system which improves the impact our leaders have, overall communication and risk management.

Through our applications of these techniques and lean/agile principles we have found our leaders have been able to experiment faster, build a strong learning culture and feel more supported by the organisations they work in.

We want to share these insights so you can help your established and emerging leaders as well.

Inga Pflaumer

Inga Pflaumer Engineering Manager Immutable

Navigating Technological Pivots: A Guide to Team Buy-In and Sustained Motivation

In the fast-paced world of technology, the only constant is change. Making the right technological choices can make or break a project, but what happens when the initial decisions need to be reconsidered? This talk aims to delve into the challenges and opportunities that engineering teams face when pivoting their technological foundations.

Drawing on real-world experience, including recent significant shifts in our own team's technology stack, this presentation will provide actionable insights into Identifying the Need to Pivot, Securing Team Buy-In and Maintaining Morale During Transitions.

By the end of this talk, attendees will walk away with a roadmap for successfully navigating technological pivots, ensuring not only project continuity but also team well-being.

Chris Lienert

Rick Giner & Andrew Murphy, and Inga Pflaumer with Chris Lienert

In conversation

Session 4: Technology and Architecture

The last decade has seen the Web evolve at breakneck speed. The rise and growing dominance of frameworks and the SPA architecture. The growing complexity of our foundations–JavaScript, CSS, browser APIs.

But something seems to be in the air–a resurgence in the interest in Web Components, reservations emerging about our reliance on front end frameworks.

To close the day we'll consider the state of the Web Platform, and what might be emerging in terms of architecture and directions with two people eminently well placed to help guide us.

Keith Cirkel

Keith Cirkel Software Cyber Shepherd GitHub

Web Architectures today, and Tomorrow

Github's Keith Cirkle works on their platform systems teams delivering's JavaScript & UI components, to over 100,000,000,000 customers.

Few people ar ebetter placed to help us consider how we should be architecting web apps, today and into the future.

Hui Jing Chen

Hui Jing Chen Developer Experience Engineer Interledger Foundation

The State of the Web Platform

The foundations of the Web platform–JavaScript, browser APIs, CSS, have evolved tremendously in recent years. But how are developers using them 'in the wild?'.

The State of… surveys (CSS, JavaScript, React, HTML) have for years looked to take the pulse of the web from developers perspectives. Hui Jing Chen, who is heavily involved in the project will look at results from the most recent surveys, to help you benchmark where your technology stack is at and consider what technilogies you should be adopting.

John Allsopp

Hui Jing Chen and Keith Cirkle with John Allsopp

In conversation

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Our venue

Web Directions Code 2024 will take place in June at an exciting new venue–ACMI in Federation Square, Melbourne.

Getting there:

There are numerous public transport options, and parking available close by.


If you're coming from out of town, there are many hotel and serviced apartment style accomodation options in and around the area.

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Portait of John Allsopp.

John Allsopp

John Allsopp has been working on the Web for nearly 30 years. He's been responsible for innovative developer tools such as Style Master and X-Ray, and his ideas formed the foundation for Typekit, now Adobe Fonts, and the entire concept of Responsive Web Design. He's spoken at numerous conferences around the World and delivered dozens of workshops in that time as well.

His writing includes several books, including Developing With Web Standards and countless articles and tutorials in print and online publications.

His "A Dao of Web Design" published in 2000 is cited by Ethan Marcotte as a key influence in the development of Responsive Web Design, who's acclaimed article in 2010 begins by quoting John in detail, and by Jeremy Keith as "a manifesto for anyone working on the Web".

John brings his deep knowledge of and passion for the web and all things digital to every aspect of Web Directions.

About Us

Co-founded and now run by John Allsopp, Web Directions has for nearly 2 decades years brought together leading developers, engineers, visual, IxD, UX and product designers, Art and Creative Directors, product managers indeed everyone involved in producing web and digital products to learn from one another, and the World's leading experts across this vast field.

We spend our lives thinking about what comes next, keeping up with trends in technology, practices and processes, and filtering the hype, to make sure you don't miss trends that matter, and don't waste time on hype that doesn't.

We promise attending one of our events will leave you significantly better versed in the challenges you face day to day, and in solutions for addressing them.

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Code of Conduct

For over a decade, we've worked hard to create inclusive, fun, inspring and safe events for the Web Industry.

As part of our commitment to these values, we've adopted a code of conduct for all involved: ourselves, our speakers, our partners and our audience.

If you have any concern or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.