Benjamin Wirtz

Benjamin Wirtz Managing Director Scalable Leaders

Why the jump into Leadership is extra hard for people in Tech – and what to do about it

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Why the jump into Leadership is extra hard for people in Tech – and what to do about it

If you're a manager in Product, Design or Engineering, you need to be a Leader. But why do so many Leaders end up firefighting and stressed out? What makes Leading Teams in Tech harder than other areas of a business, and how can you set yourself up to succeed (or at least survive)? It's all about asking yourself 3 simple questions – join us to find out.

Benjamin Wirtz

With over 10 years of experience in building companies and leading teams in Product, Design and Engineering, Benjamin F. Wirtz has helped numerous people in tech become accomplished leaders in their own right. He has learned from world class leaders at organisations such as Google and Atlassian, as well as many established coaches and executives.

While sharing his strategies and processes of building products that generated over $100,000,000 he recognised the pressure on Tech teams and their Leaders to excel without adequate support.

Based on his experience of working with over 50 leadership teams at over 50 Tech companies, he crafted Scalable Leaders – a Growth & Support System addressing the challenges that tend to overwhelm Leaders in Tech.

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