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The Web Platform at Web Directions Code

The Web platform is constantly evolving, and what we can build in the browser becomes more complex and sophisticated by the day. We’ve long covered these capabilities at our conferences and Code will be no different, with a range of talks to help you get up to speed with what browsers are capable of today (and in the near future). We guarantee you’ll be surprised (and hopefully excited).

  • AI, and Large Language Models specifically, are all it seems anyone is talking about right now when it comes to tech. Did you know neural networks and access to GPUs are coming to the browser with two new standards–WebNN and WebGPU? Well now you do, and you’ll know all about them, and their potential use cases after this talk from Kenneth Rohde Christiansen as he goes Beyond the web of today
  • WebAssembly has been one of our most popular topics for some time now. Divya Mohan will take us Beyond the browser: toward a more declarative future with WebAssembly
  • And even if building user facing apps with WebAssembly isn’t on your immediate horizon, there’s one unexpected place that WebAssembly is making its mark: Development tools explains Katie Bell. Even for projects with no need for WebAssembly, it’s worth learning about it, how it works, and how it can supercharge local development and collaboration as we’ll learn in WebAssembly – a hands-on guide for frontend devs.
  • Browsers are becoming the new operating system for the applications we use on a daily basis, but hardware access has always been a barrier. Now, with direct access to the local Bluetooth stack, talking to local embedded devices just became radically easier–we’ll learn about the use cases, and how to work with bluetooth in the browser with Simon Hildebrandt

All this plus 2 dozen other talks focused on CSS, JavaScript, front end architectures, security, performance and engineering practice–keep up to date with all things front end engineering at Code in Melbourne (or online).

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I had an absolute blast, learnt so much, and met so many great people

Carmen Chung Software engineer, Valiant Finance