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Katie Bell

WebAssembly - a hands-on guide for frontend devs

Katie Bell Co-founder SplootCode

Katie's 15 year career as a software engineer has been pretty darn fun. She was working on Google Docs before it was cool, and then she got to play with Google's huge scalable storage systems as a Site Reliability Engineer. Since then she's worked at Campaign Monitor, as a freelance developer for startups and a coding bootcamp instructor at General Assembly. Currently she's working on making coding accessible to everyone at SplootCode.

WebAssembly - a hands-on guide for frontend devs

WebAssembly is building in hype and capability, but only a select few web apps are actually using it. For some kinds of apps, WebAssembly has a huge impact on performance, but for the rest of us it can end up being added complexity. However, there's one unexpected place that WebAssembly is making its mark: Development tools.

Even for projects with no need for WebAssembly, it's worth learning about it, how it works, and how it can supercharge local development and collaboration.

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