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Front end architectures at Web Directions Code

How we architect our front ends is complex. So at Code we’re going to take a longer look at modern front end architectures.

  • Kenneth Rohde Christiansen will take us beyond the front ends of today, and look at the capabilities coming, or already here in the Web Platform–from Web Neural Networks to Web GPU, Web Assembly and more, what a web application looks like and how we architect them will change markedly in the coming years.
  • Jake Lane considers evolving our codebases at scale, covering how we can modernise our code to the new dependencies we want, build tools and processes to migrate to new code, and avoid breaking things without moving too slowly.
  • Aliaksei Kuncevic takes us on a Deep Dive into Push-based Front-end Architectures, where unlike traditional front-end architectures where the browser makes requests to the server for data, the server proactively pushes data to the browser as it becomes available.
  • Deepak Verma considers how a microservice architecture can benefit from Async API, and in a related talk, Ehsan Gazar will talk about Mecca’s approach to solving the scalability and performance of frontend apps for over 30 frontend engineers by using a strategy called Micro FrontEnd

We’ll also cover Web Assembly in detail as well as JavaScript, CSS, platform APIs, security and performance, to make sure you keep up to date with the latest in front end engineering. Don’t miss Code in Melbourne June 8 and 9.

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