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Shabnam Mohammadian and Ehsan Gazar

Micro FrontEnd Architecture at Scale

Shabnam Mohammadian & Ehsan Gazar Technical Leads Mecca

Ehsan Gazar

Ehsan started programming when he was 17, QBasic, C then C++, then Java! So passionate about the Web and learned JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Co-Founded a consultancy and had it for 5 years, with 100 clients and over 10 employees. Learned a lot about management, big projects and how to talk to stakeholders and clients.

I got my server certificates from Microsoft and studied Hardware Engineering, led a few robotic teams to competitions, and taught programming to many others.

I enjoyed open source and worked a lot on Linux distributions, visualizations, and networks. Decided to come to Melbourne, Australia, started working for the top companies back in Iran, granted my visa and came here, found my first job, soon I was promoted, leading our product, mentoring, documenting and architecture designs, AWS, Azure, and even talks in Engineering MeetUps.

I love teaching, so recently started my online courses, proud to say that I have over 7000 students. This has been my life for a decade and love to do it for another decade!

Now working at Mecca as Technical Lead

Shabnam Mohammadian

Frontend Developer experienced in e-commerce and advertising industry in order to configure, upgrade and maintain various projects.

Possesses a strong willingness to learn and maintain currency with JavaScript frameworks. Involved in creating cross-functional and cross-organizational teams with customers (Agile environment) to identify, prioritize, and design solutions.

Micro FrontEnd Architecture at Scale

Mecca's Engineering will be presenting its approach to solving the scalability and performance of frontend apps for over 30 frontend engineers by using a strategy called Micro FrontEnd

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All things front end development.

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